Sunday, February 2, 2014


Got in a tad over 51 hours in. 44 hours of outdoor riding and just 43 miles of running but that is coming around. Did a couple group runs and won two $30 Brooks tech shirts in a raffle from Boulder Running Company.  Did a 10x400 on dirt in 1:27 and went swimming once. 1:35 pace was fine but 1:22 was an all out 100. Considering my swimming the past two years this was pretty sweet. I need to get back on the bands like I started at the begining of the month.  Prolly hop into a duathlon at the end of Feb to see how I am doin.  Been windier then normal here and this week is going to just the the first true winter test. Did ten miles today on 4" packed snow and it felt great minus a pretty big blister on the toe.  

Starting to look for a job for the summer so might end of someplace else for a while so gonna try and be ready for anything. I think I will try a pair of Hoka One Ones if I do get a job to try and up the mileage running. 

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