Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Totals

Highest volume February on record and highest volume Jan/Feb combo on record.
Bike   32:31:00              593 miles (MTB miles converted based on effort)
Run    10:43:00             80.7 miles
Total  43:14:00 

            The weather hit really bad and only 1 hour of that is inside workout.  I need to start hitting the weights a little more and try to get a couple shorter workouts in. I hate to say it but the power meter (well its low numbers) is keeping me from the trainer.  I need to get an FTP test done at some point but just dont have the motivation to do it inside. I just figured out how to get a screen down there (the laptop overheats).  
           My running needs to become more regular. Been running speed on Wed and long on Sun with the Boulder Running Company and that has helped a ton. I think all the volume at altitude and with it being all outside in the wind is really going to come around in the next month or so.  
           Weight is at 171 and I was 187.4 one year ago this week.  Starting to feel like 165 is within reach. Not trying too hard but just putting in the miles outside on the bike. Gonna try a 5K this morning just to get outside of my comfort zone running. 

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