Sunday, June 16, 2013

St Peters Rec Plex Triathlon.

Swim 525 Meters:  1:40 per 100m or 1:32 per 100y (36 overall!!!)
Bike 18.1 miles: 23.4 mph (5th overall)
Run: 4.8 miles: 32:01 (6:40/mile) 29:31 adjusted (6:09/mile) (25th or 6th overall)
1:29:02       1st in 30-34 AG and 5th overall of 350 with one pro.

Link to results:

Prior to this race I had swam twice in the past year for a total volume of 1600 yards for the year! The swim is in a pool and you go under the lane lines so it can get kinda crowded. At one point with only 5 meters left in the lane there were SIX people in front of me. I slipped in between 2 and then pushed the wall and went deep and came up first in the next lane. I passed prolly 18 people in the pool alone which is tiring.  I was SUPER happy with the swim considering my swim volume.
EDIT: After checking strava I noticed I did 1 mile more then at least one of the top bike times by the best biker in the area. The extra mile had a hard turn with water on half the lane and then lots of rocks before a turn around. So 4 extra 90 degree turns and slow rocks worth at least 3 minutes.  That is a lot more in line with what it seemed like with others. The course was flooded and there were no volunteers at the flooded section so this was just part of this race and no blame on anyone but it is really nice to know my bike was a lot faster comparatively that I had believed.
I passed around 50-70 people on the bike with slick roads. I would say 20-30 were riding on the left AND weaving. This coupled with the fact my legs never did come around from the past two weeks meant it was a pacing race.  I rocked out a 3rd, 4th, and 5th place KOM on Strava while biking so still a solid ride. Left about 3 minutes on the course on a good day.  Overall fairly happy given everything.
I forgot my race belt and lost 30 seconds getting it (second time ever and the first was this race in 2004) and then went straight thru a turn and lost another 2 minutes. There was no sign at the turn and I looked at my watch for the first time and noticed I hadn't hit it with the race belt fiasco and that pause made me miss it.
This did nothing for my placement luckily and I was able to finish quite strong after taking forever to catch people I had passed a 1/4 mile back going 13min pace.  It was tough to keep it from sprinting in anger. Good lesson at least.
Since this was my first tri in over a year I was pretty happy with the results and no one younger then me beat me. Would have liked the bike to have been better but given the travel and weight being 192 in April I am just going to use this as a stepping stone. I think I could have done the same pace (minus the swim bc of sore arms) all over again about 10 minutes after finishing and I was running all around after finishing. I also feel really good right now.   Should really come around in about a month.

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