Friday, August 19, 2011

Kirksville MO, June and July totals

Wow, its been May since I last posted. Only did one race which had some water temps in spots in the 40's so my swim was a 38 and I dropped out after a lackluster bike. A little way into the year my wife found out she got a job at Truman State Univeristy (our alma mater) so we were moving to Kirksville MO. My job with the prairie dogs got a little crazy and I got a little lazy. Since being back in Kirksville a week, I am loosing weight, signed up to two tri's and getting in some real quality work on the bike.

7:17:00 18900
12:10:00 236
12:04:00 82.5
Not too bad for swimming but nothing really to write home about.

0 0
16:12:00 299
7:50:00 58.1
Yeah, thats a big fat zero for the swim. After another DNF due to cold I just couldn't take it anymore. Should have bought the booties and caps and crap. I am just too cheap sometimes.

New Goals. I have a lot of little races planned and I think that is going to be really good for me. I have already started working out with the Kirksville Multiport Club and running my old trails and biking my old routes. Prolly won't give the pro card a go until next year unless I make it down to Branson after a win at our local tri bc that would pay for the entry since my volume is not there.

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