Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ups and Downs

Had some really good workouts at 8500 ft with some cycling up to 10400 ft with some 7:30 pace running afterwards. Then I did a climb with the same exact profile of 7.9 % grade as Alpe d'Huez of Tour De France fame. I managed a 29:00 for the 4 mile climb which is just past 1/2 of the aforementioned climb. I did it on my forward seat road bike and that kinda sucked. It starts at over 6000 which is higher the the top of the Alpe so not too bad.

The weather here has sucked to say the least. Gusting at 45 about everyday and so bad it is even too tough to run (esp with the stroller) bc of the blowing gust of sand bringing you to tears. Weight gain is in full force yet again. I HAVE to nail down lunch at work. Need to switch to protein and fat instead of so much carbs which has done me so well on the weekend. 10 hour days in a car sucks. Need the weather to get better so bad. I would even do back to 4 inches of snow bc then I could at least run. Well, hopefully I am done feeling sorry for myself but it is getting too much to get it in after work with the wee one. Looks like a lot of 5am mornings in the future.

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