Saturday, August 7, 2010

Race Report: My own half iron.

Well the day started like crap. Standing on the shoreline in my wetsuit watching a huge storm cell with lightning coming in. First time all year that has happened in the morning. Of course it was clear on my side of the hill when I left. Sulked until 9am and then decided to head out. Made it 16 miles and then the gusts of 30-35 mph came in. Immediately turned around for home. Luckily I was only about 4 miles from bc of the course I took. Threw the bike on the trainer in the backyard and started the sweatfest from hell. I mean really sweating and I normally like the heat. The trainer is actually a tad slow down here compared to the road but the lack of shifting and steering prolly made it equal. I took in almost 150 ounces of water on the bike. Thats 9.3 friggin pounds and I weighed the same as this morning after the bike.
The run started really well with a hilly 6:46 then a 6:26 and then I evened out to abotu a 6:46 for the first 10 miles. Then the wheels came off and only made it 12.55 miles. Lost 6.3 pounds on the run after drinking a little after getting back. The WHOLE workout felt like hell except for about 10 miles in the middle of the bike and the first 3 miles running. I ran a 7:01 pace for what I did run though.
I dont know really what to take from this. I had my biggest week in about 3 years so I think it is good. Problem is I feel like hell and spending 36 miles on the trainer and running mile laps for water has taken its mental toll and the dehydration has taken its physical toll. Have a three horu drive ahead of me so I better get some stuff ready for that.

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