Thursday, August 5, 2010

My own Half Ironman

This weekend I will attempt my own half ironman. This week still has one day left in it and I am at 12 hours already which is 2 hours past my biggest week in about two years and gonna hit 56 hours working. I am using this as a mental toughness workout and a nutrition practice. I also dont race enough so I need that mental edge. I wont be able to do this swim perfect so might just end up swimming for 35 minutes and calling that good unless I get my GPS in my swim cap ok.
The bike I want to hit a 2:40 or 21 mph which could be a little tough without race gear wheels or tires and not a closed or controlled course.
The run I want to break 1:30 with a minimum of 1:40. I would really like to run in the 6:40-:45 range just to see how that feels with nutrition so I may just go out that hard. Should be interesting either way.

Been crazy tired this week. The long days at work and the solid training are tough. Mentally starting to slip. Gonna take 3 easy days after Sat to try and get back in the game mentally. Just so little time for everything. September 1 is when work gets easier and I will find time to swim which is really what is bothering me. 2:17 in the saddle doing hill repeats and my mind call sme lazy when I look at that swim column but just too tired at night to go to the resivoir. Oh well

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