Monday, February 28, 2011

February Totals

February Totals
Swim 6:40:00 20000
Bike 16:35:00 309
Run 13:56:00 109
Weights 0:35:00
Total 37:46:00
Key Workouts: 2/10: BRICK 2:30 bike 5x400 (79, 79, 78, 78, 78)
BRICK: 3 hrs with 200, 800, 400, 200, 400 in (38, 2:56, 1:19, 35, 1:22)
Med pace 500 in 7:39, 5x100 on 2min (1:20) and 100 in 1:07!!!
BRICK: 20M TT in 50:12 (23.4, out in 20.7 back in 28.2. BRICK into 5m run

February sucks for month totals bc of those stupid 2 days. Every year should be a leap year. Anyway I had some motivational issues which lead to most of those days off this past week.
I cut back the cycling due to hitting most of my indoor numbers that I have set and the 20 mile TT at just a tad under 24mph with a HR of only 156. I don't think I need that many more workouts until I get actually get outside some more.
Swimming is coming along very nicely even with the two workouts I missed bc the pool was closed again. I am down to 1:07 for 100 and :32 for 50. Finally broke the 3000 in a single swim and I think I will be able to hit that a couple more times. I want to get that up before work starts so I can get in a good workout before 7-7:30 am.
Running continues to be a chore but I think it is just the weather. I did have a couple good runs and my endurance is still there so I cut back the long run to try and reign in the weekdays.

Overall not too bad and I think I can build off of what I have learned. I had to have Restart/Reset #1 which means I lost FOCUS. I capitalize bc this single word I have written in various places bc it best reminds me of the state of being that I need to be in. From planning to execution to eating and resting. This month should be a major month and I will rest the last couple days going into the sprint tri on Apr 2. Also planning a mock race, 500y TT, and 1-2 cycling TT's. There will also hopefully be some new changes to the blog with no more weekly updates but a few "articles" and more pictures and videos. Hoping it comes together for a better read.

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