Friday, February 4, 2011

Jan Totals and Update

Weights 1:25:00
Swim 4:10:00 11100
Bike 23:50:00 443
Run 18:46:00 147.65 (Bettered any 2010 month by 25 miles)
Total 48:11:00
Days off: 6
Workouts: 47
Key Workouts: (5x5min TT 27-27.4, HR 159, 80rpm) (1:23:09 Half Mary)
(1/11: 10M TT in 22:33, 78rpm, 155 HR, then 8x240 @ 5:40 pace)
(16M run with 1/9: Series of 7:00, 6:48, 6:42, 6:32, 6:41, 6:51)
(500y TT in 7:10 with first 100 in 1:17)

Swim rank was 2nd and bike was as well. Massive month in all for Jan. Had 2 Swim PR's a run PR for 13.1 and a bike PR on the trainer. Feeling great in the pool and nominal on the bike. Endurance is definitely there as the 3 hr trainer rides are getting almost east to knock out. Need to keep on the run mileage right now bc speed is just gonna come later. I must get some stuff under 6min pace in though. That really hurt me during the half as I was trying to run the whole thing faster then I had run since Nov in a triathlon. This week kinda sucked bc the dog has been having night terrors or something. Being terribly angry at 1 and 3 and 5 in the morning throwing things is not the way for me to sleep and as I have mentioned before sleep is one of my true strengths as an athlete. So not too bad. Ready to keep pushing the mileage on the run and swim and start uping the biking intensity already.

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  1. These are awesome numbers Adam. Including 6 off days and you could have been nearing 60 hrs (15 hrs per week). Good balance as well. I wish I could have had the time to put in closer to 150 run miles. When I look back at 2010, my run really started to come together after I put in 125 in Sept and 153 in Oct. So I think I need to be near 120mi a month going forward, weather and Real Job willing.

    Recommend to look for some local small venue 5K/10K runs in which you have no pressure but can use as a speed workout. I'm doing a local 5K Sunday just for that. Speed workout, nothing else.

    Again, great job on the numbers.