Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Sickness and 5K.

Well, the day after the race I managed a great 14 mile run and then started work the next day. Thats when the chest infection began (4/4). I finally kicked it on 4/22. I was able to get some training in. Actually still averaged around 8 a week, but it was rough. I raced a 5k last sat and ran a 19:25 for first place. Got a 50 dollar massage gift cert for the 60% lung capacity effort. Could have went under 19 but knew I had a 50 mile group ride with a good climb coming. After that ride the next three days were completely off.
It wasn't until next Sat that I felt 100%. Did a 62 mile ride with a 2 mile run with Shay. We knocked out a 12:23 and then a short cool down. Played softball afterwards and WAY overdid it. I was just hyper from being able to breath. It almost felt like I was high on O2.
Got a new pool membership so that I can swim at 5:40ish instead of 6:10. Will be a lot more relaxed as I won't be time crunched for work. This month was supposed to be "adjust to work" month but I have been sleeping in and the few morning runs I got in were terrible so I must overcome that mental barrier since I was sick. Its just really dark. I need to find the best solution for lighting. Thinking one of those LEDs that go on the ball cap. If anyone has suggestions let me know.

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