Saturday, May 7, 2011

May and April wrap ups and updates.

Man, had another sickness. Went out for a group ride and literally rode off the front after I held the first 4 mile pull into the wind. Made it 4 out of 5 miles solo before being gassed. Some of the trucks out here spew black smoke that can actually be a hazard to see through and I was holding 39.5 the whole time this truck tried to pass but we hit an incline and I only slowed to 37 and he just held there. I fell apart after that. Rode more and then went home and couldn't eat. Woke up the next morning and moved from the couch about 4 times.

These sicknesses, stress from finances, and starting work again have really played on my psyche. Looking back at my log the workouts that I complete are rocking so that is a good sign.

I just bought a Profile Design Wahoo wetsuit that fits great and has catch panels on the forearms. Even with this I can't bring myself to sign up for the race next weekend. The OLY's around here have all gone over 100 bucks. Call me elitist but I don't want to "race" unless the prize for first is at least the entry back. Thats really all I want bc I like the fun of it but it is getting ridiculous in my opinion. Can't wait until Provo. Gonna be racing with a chip on my shoulder that no one is gonna knock off.

Not gonna do a write of of the months but they are in my training log on the 2011 Months tab. Just gonna have to start from scratch. The big change for the month is swimming 4 days a week in a row in the mornings now that I have 5am pool access and running sucks in the dark when you actually have another choice. More harder runs as well and if not hard then a 6.3 mile stroller push so I have the recovery to push the run workouts.


  1. I can relate to stress because I have been on the fringe of unemployment and now the interview process in Bozeman. AND the training has suffered. Just found out my performance is half of what it was last year. This too shall pass, hopefully.