Monday, October 3, 2011

Aug and Sept Totals

We moved in mid August and got settled into Kirksville in September.  I think from here on out the totals will be a little bit better.
S: 1:03:00       3200
B: 15:10:00 242
R: 10:27:00 79.6
Days off: 16
Workouts: 28

S:  2:20:00 7200
B:  8:36:00 165.5
R: 14:34:00 109.9

Days off: 11
Workouts: 28

While the totals are entirely lacking I am pretty happy with the amount given the days off that I have had. I feel like it was a mini off-season and am starting to treat October as such.  Gonna try to ramp up the running as the biking is hanging right there as usual.

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