Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Year Totals

2011 Year Totals
Weights 4:10:00
Swim   38:07:00 109400
Bike  148:33:00 2772.5
Run   135:18:00 1027.35

Total 321:58:00

0:53:00 workout per day.
6:18:00 workout per week.
Weeks over 10 hours: 11
Biggest week Jan 22-28 : 15:31:00
Swim 2103 yards per week. 9100 a month
Biked 53 miles per week. 231 a month
Ran 19.75 miles per week.  85.6 a month
Days Off: 126 (2.4 per week)
Workouts: 356
Triathlons: 3
Running Races:5

Well, swimming was about the only thing to improve this year and while I feel more confident, my execution in the water was lacking.  Biking felt strong but always on the cusp of something great. 2012 will be a banner year for both the bike and the run.  If I can bring the swim around everything should be good.  It was a very stressful year with going from working 60 hour weeks and going on crazy awesome hikes to being a stay at home dad with a 3 year old and not knowing out future but I think I have things worked out.  The mental side of things has always been a weakness/strong point for me and this year was a roller coaster.  

The main goals this year are to just get out there and hit it every day.  One regret of the past year was the finish and thus the total days off.  126 days is a lot of room to make improvement bc many of those days I was just lazy or feeling sorry for myself and not from over training or injury.  

The biggest regret is only getting in 8 races and only 3 triathlons. This will come up this year at least.  The only problem with the new year is planning until July 30th with the possible move.   



  1. I think you have to be pleased considering the move, etc. Your numbers are very comparable to mine with all my time-off due to the stress fracture. Have a healthy and productive 2012 race season and be sure and let me know when you might be blowing through the Tundra.

  2. Julie has an interview in Duluth at the end of the month at St Scholastica so I might be in dire need of some race options. Its the season of where in the country will we end up next.