Thursday, March 8, 2012

Feb Totals and thoughts.

Weights  0:20:00
Swim     0:30:00 1600
Bike     22:10:00 419
Run      12:29:00 96.9
Total     35:29:00

Days off: 7 (sick days)
Workouts: 28
Key Workouts: 10x100 on 2min avg 1:16
 8x300 in 58sec after 2:30 bike, 18:45 5k.

The one swim workout was epic bc a year ago it was only 1:25 that I could hold and I have not been doing any swimming lately.  The 5k was super cold and had a big week lead in that I overdid a bit bc I had been sick for almost two weeks. The sickness totally derailed my steady weight loss but I am starting it back up today.  Gonna slowly start to work on swim endurance while trying to get the running back up and keep up the good work with the bike. Can't wait to get out and hammer a couple TT's soon. Gonna be rusty but thats alright. Signed up for the Elite Wave at the Trizou triathlon on May 6 as my first big race. Still eyeing Muncie 70.3 as my big race of the year since we are moving to Newark Delaware on Aug 1 so that is gonna take some adjustment time.

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