Monday, April 23, 2012

March Totals a little late. (Biggest Month Ever)

Weights 0:40:00
Swim     2:25:00 7300
Bike     29:43:00 542
Run      24:17:00 183.7
56 hours 25 minutes
Days off: 3

Well, considering this was my biggest month ever I was expecting some weight loss. It didn't happen. (at least in April I went to counting calories and lost 10 solid pounds in 20 days so far).

The big workouts were a 6:53 500y TT in the pool. It was paced bad as well so getting better off of 5000 yards a month is always a sweet thing. Also a 42mile Z2 "TT" (141hr @72cad) at 21.8 mph was pretty sweet.  I do these fairly often as just a solid ride that keeps me focused on going a little harder without going too hard. The last thing I did was a 5 hour ride until 10pm with all my camping gear, slept, woke for a 1:28 half marathon and biked 6 hours home in the heat. I was unhappy with my race at first but the times were all slower and I faded after 5 miles in 32 and came back on after 10 miles. First time doing that so I can call on that. The ride home was looming too big in my mind as well once it started to hurt at mile 2.

April has been billed as weight loss month with everything else a bonus. I have planned to go from 182 to 172 by the end. Only a week to go to find out.

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