Sunday, June 17, 2012

Another Half Iron DNF

Intro Last Saturday in Minnesota I attempted another Half Iron Triathlon. The day started bad as my bike had major shifting problems that even the bike mechanics could not figure out. Thus my easiest combination was 39x17 (16.1 mph at 90rpm) in the aero bars and 39x15 (18.3 mph at 90 rpm) standing. Needless to say I was redlining the hills and then coasting down. Swim The swim was 34 minutes which was only about 1-3 minutes off the competition due to drifting on only some bouys and the resulting sighting. Seemed long as I have not been swimming so took it easy. Bike Started great. Blasting through the field and passing 2:20 riders like nothing. Then the 20 mile section of road that was like crossing a train track constantly. I would never ride this even on a road bike for training. I would load up and drive somewhere. At mile 10 I decided just to easy pedal and try to have a good run. Then 20 miles later the road got better and I hammered again. Two big problems happened then. I thought there were three water stops and the first was at like mile 15 so no go there. Then the second had only 4 oz of water in the bottle and then no more stations. Suck. Second, I was riding on the right side of the white line and a car honked and tried to run me off the road. RED HOT LIVID RAGE ensued. Not good for me. 20 minutes later a truck passed me and then went through an intersection and I followed to the right in the bike lane and he cut right into me. Closest call I have had in over 6 years. More RAGE and only 3 miles to the finish. I have no idea what that guy was doing bc of where it happened. Run The problem with the rough road and having to stay aero to shift or sprint hills at 19 mph is that my hip went out again. It was hard to walk in T2 and I should have quit again right there and then. Hobbled a run for 6 miles and only got passed twice in the first 5 and then quit. My hip was just locked. Conclusion 1. I am getting rid of my tri bike and disc wheel in order to try and get a Kestrel with clip on bars. This was I can more effectively manage my back and have a much smoother ride. 2. Going to only do a half next on a road that I have ridden.

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  1. Once again sorry the room was not available. In-laws often ruin many a plan. Anyway, sorry to read about the DNF. Recall that this race was not at its usual venue. I think you would have enjoyed the swim and bike a lot more. But also, this race organizer usually effs up one way or another. Either all the results are messed up, or not enough volunteers or signs, awards are usually crap. So if you ever return to the Tundra, I can suggest much better races all around. Also sad to hear about the drivers. People up here are usually much more tolerant but you sometimes get the idiot and you just have to let it go. Hopefully you let the race organizer know so they were aware and probably need more signs and volunteers out on those trouble areas. But again, this was a temporary route and next year I think it returns to the usual location and there drivers see bikes every single day.

    Before you think about the bike, let the emotions get in check. Just get that shifting problem sorted and you should be good to go. Hold off any any big purchases until you've exhausted that. Especially with the move coming up.

    Good luck in your other races. Could be worse, you could be on injured reserve like me!