Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May Totals

Totals Swim 2:30:00 6400 Bike 26:04:00 519 Run 17:21:00 140.6 Weights 0:08:00 Total time: 46:03:00 Beginning weight: 172.5 Ending weight 167.8 for 4.7 pounds. Days off: 4 Workouts: 43 Key Workouts: Brick: Fast 50 (22mph) then 6:10 and 6:02 miles straight. Brick: 54 mile with 12:40 for 2 miles 100M in 1:08 400M in 62 secs. 2 SOLID 16 mile runs 10M TT in 24:14 headwind on return. Had Trizou at the beginning of the month and then did some bigger workouts with more recovery in order to try and maximize weight loss. My two 16 mile runs were solid 7:10 pace and even had some pick-ups with soreness not too bad. Fairly easy pace and had some solid workouts in the days before. Swimming is impossible with water warmer then I take showers in the winter just not an option unless 500 yards or so. Only one punch before open water is only option. Biking has felt very lackluster but I have the endurance. Pacing the half on June 9 is going to be critical. I also think I have been trying to go longer and the weight loss is creeping in. Very lean right now. Can't remember the last time I couldn't feel a slight giggle and even my pecks are not bouncing noticeably. Goal for June is to race hard and then take a week off with only swimming and some light biking and running in order to build for Rev3 Maine now instead of Muncie 70.3. This gives me time to tweek the results from the half and then continue or steady off the weight loss. 165 would be fine but 160 is the ultimate goal by August.

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