Monday, May 7, 2012

Trizou Triathlon

Elite Wave at Trizou Triathlon in Columbia MO. 70 degrees and calm winds at race start. 400M pool swim in 50M pool. Long Transition 14 mile 2 loop bike with 2 good hills and a mile of technical cones at the start and end. 3 mile run. To preface I had lost 12 pounds in the past month and did not "reload" my calories properly. Four bathroom stops before race start and a nauseated stomach before the start did not bode well. Threw up less then halfway through the bike. Swim 6:53 (1:34 per 100 yards) I started ok and then fell off pace. Don't really know what happened. Must have just been off. That is just a terrible pace even given my training. Gonna have to think hard about this one. Bike 36:03 (23.3 mph) I threw up before the first lap was done and it was at the bottom of the big hill somehow. Race fell apart from there. I have only had this happen one under extenuating circumstances and can barely remember even feeling stomach problems while riding. I was going to go into 2nd within the next 2 miles as well. Still ended within 20 secs of 2nd best split of the day somehow so my take away is my training is fine. Run 18:24 (6:08) Plan was just to jog it in and see if I could nab 7th place somehow to get 50 bucks. Ended up catching up to a guy but my stomach wasn't letting me step on it. Thought I was going 7:10-7:20 pace. My first mile must have been around a 5:50 somehow. Take away from this is great. Easily felt like a half marathon pace. The weight loss is showing through here without a loss on the bike so far. Overall 1:04:42 5th place and $100 payday so I got my race entry and some more back. Plan now is too lose some more weight. 165 by June 1 is the plan.

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