Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Year in Review

2014 Year in Review
Swim 2 hours 27 min             8600  yards
Bike  287 hours 52 min          4811 miles
Run   75 hours 53 min           552 miles
1:14:00  weights
Total:     366 hours 12 min


1:00:00 workout per day.   
7:00:00 workout per week. 
Days off: 146
Weeks over 10 hours:  10
Weeks over 14 hours:    1
Biggest week June 21:31 March
Swim 165 yards per week. 716 a month
Biked 92 miles per week. 400 a month
Ran 10.6 miles per week.  46 a month
Triathlons: 0 completed
Duathlons: 1
Running Races: 2
Weight in Jan 173, Aug 187 end 181.

Well, another year of no triathlons. Moved to Utah this March and then got injured for the first time. Pushed too hard on the bike in the mountains after making too much of a change with cranks and cleats.  Took until Oct to get it figured out and it was pain to nothing right away after adding a small shim and most importantly Specialized brand show inserts when riding.   While in Utah my job was worth a ton if I did overtime and then I just didnt want to run in the evenings. Tried a couple times at 5 am but that was just not happening. Coupled with some family medical issues at home this year was as bad as last.   Did a duathlon in Denver in Dec and came in Top 10 overall with the 5th best bike on these numbers for the past two years is the hopeful thing to look at in the data.  Have a power test and renewed motivation under my belt. Now to just figure out how to get a medium size Quintana Roo tri bike so I don't sit up like a sail and waste 50 watts (about what I came up with from Strava files during the DU).

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