Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Recap February plans.


Swim 2:22:00 for 7400 yards (almost as much as all of last year!)
Bike 22:22:00 for 417 miles
Run 14:06:00 for 105 miles (24.5 a week)
7 days off

The beginning of the month was really icy and snowy so happy with the totals as my running and biking took a hit. Key workouts were 10x100 in 1:23avg on the 2 min. and a 100 all out in 1:15.
I was also able to get in 4 rides over 3 hours including one over 4 hours and one Z2 power and HR ride of 60 miles at 20 mph on the new bike. Neck still recovering but it was too fun. 

Had a duathlon and I went way too hard on the first run and bike and was in third overall and then faded to 9th. 24.5mph on a 3.3 mile leg dodging people and a decent hill thrown in. I think I can break through in the last event Feb 21 though. 

Main goals for Feb are to do another time trial to get numbers on the new bike now that I have some rides.  Really need to run at least 30 every week. After 30 the main goals are getting in some tempo, speed and maybe some long runs. Gonna try and take the weight down to 172 as well.  

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