Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wisconsin Plans

Work up this morning at 167.6 pounds. That is 13.2 pounds lighter then April 5 which was about 45 days ago.  I have been able to get my running to come around and my cycling is through the roof. A 22:07 or 27.1 mph on the bike for an out-n-back 10 mile TT is by far my best ever. Also got in a couple 80 and 90 milers at 20.5 mph getting off and feeling fresh. Running, I am up to a long run of 15 @ a 7:40 pace and my track 400's are right at 1:20. Mile is a 5:39 recently but altitude has never been my friend running. Haven't been in the pool much but that should come back quick with some bands I have been working on. Here is a tentative schedule for the year.

I am moving to Menomonie WI on June 10 with the kiddo for the summer as well so the first race will just be to get back in the swing of things as we will have barely arrived.  

June 14: La Crosse Olympic
June 21: Rockchester Olympic (tentative)
July 11: Phillip Chain of Lakes Sprint
July 26: Toughman MN 70.3
Aug 9: Red Wing Sprint
Aug 16: Pigman 70.3


  1. How is WI treating you? Have you done any of those triathlons you were considering?

  2. Pretty poorly. Had to eat registration on 3 races already bc I cant make it to the races. Gained a ton of weight bc I was rockin and ready to go and we dont have access to internet at our place. Prolly still doing Pigman on no swimming and very little running. Liked seeing you on lets run about Mike Rossi btw.