Thursday, December 23, 2010

3 hour trainer ride then run.

Had to hop on the trainer for 3 hours today at about a 60-70 cadence most of the time. Went pretty well until the last half hour. Watched the 2009 and 2010 Ironman Champs on YouTube to pass the time. The trainer is physically harder then outside at 2 hours for me. The outside weather was 37 degrees and light rain when I went for my run. I ran about .7 to the track and then hit a mile at 6:19 and was too cold and wet already to hit the second mile so I went home. I was on pace for a 6:12 and didn't let up or feel anything on that last lap so I really knew it was time to be done. Need to take more cals in next time when biking that long. Really trying to stay on the weight loss and as always I overdo it. I had a big blueberry pancake breakfast and just didn't feel hungry.
Anyway this early in the build it felt great considering my trip to Disney World was full of activity but only one workout.

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