Friday, December 31, 2010

Year Totals: A long post.

Weights 2:07:00
Swim 24:34:00 70800
Bike 192:42:00 3539.5
Run 165:32:00 1266.7
Total Time 382:48:00
1:o3:00 workout per day.
7:20:00 workout per week.
Weeks over 10 hours: 11
Biggest week Dec 25-31: 12:56:00
Swim 1316 yards per week. 5700 a month
Biked 68 miles per week. 294 a month
Ran 24.4 miles per week. 105 a month
Days Off: 89 (1.7 per week)
Workouts: 367
Triathlons: 4
Running Races:2

Things that I like to see are the monthly breakdown where Sept was my lowest totals but I hit some faster workouts at the time as well.
Easy things to pick out are getting my highest week in the end of Dec.
Swimming so little. I would like this to get to 3000 a week yearly avg.
89 days off is about 37 too many.
I would like to bike 100 per week but that can be tough so not too unpleased with the 68
Running needs to get to at least 30 if not 35 over the year

Overall: 2
Amatuer: 3
Losses: 1

Winnings out of $240 in entry fess.
120.00 in Shoe Gift Certificates
A cookbook and a 5.00 gift cert.

Major developments
Wife got PhD.
2 year old is impossible and frustrating in winter. Stress levels very high.
Finances have hit an all time low.

I have a plan to get my professional triathlon license so that I can actually do some races seeing as money is still going to be a problem for a while. Now I will list the reasons why I do triathlon.

I need physical activity and challenges.
Triathlon lets me use my scientific mind.
Triathlon allows my adventurous side to be calmed and leave out the epic that is both dangerous and time consuming. This is more important that it might seem.
I like the comraderie that triathletes share as I have had trouble finding friends otherwise and in Utah in general. Thanks internet buddies.
Triathlon is an outlet for frustrations of daily life and an opportunity to challenge myself. I really felt this part in my last two races when I was able to push to new levels within myself. This is what gives me the drive.

I have built my triathlon career carefully and I am ready to go full force seeing as my racing plans are crap for a while bc I have no idea where I will be living or how much money we will have so this is the time to go big. At the end of it if I fail then things will have settled down and I can go back to entering every 5K and small local Tri. I can do either mentally but with the pressures I need a challenge other then the local stuff.

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