Monday, December 27, 2010

Lots of snippets.

Going to start doing a weekly report that will surmise workouts from Sat-Fri but since I have some stuff I thought I would get that out now.
Managed a hilly 14.2 mile run and didn't feel too good on miles 5-10. I have been noticing that a little bit and just need to get that figured out but it seems like a lot of people get that on long runs in the winter so no biggie. Also really on the weight loss push this time. Seriously I now don't have the excuses and my focus is really tightened bc of the upcoming race calendar is something that I will actually be able to do for once! This is really huge bc I really don't race that many tri's. Before this year I have only completed 2 tri's (one after 2 weeks out and still hacking phlegm) since 2006! Just crazy to me. Props on all my friends who race so much. Anyway it finally feels great to be at a point in life where I can get back to racing.
Did what I want to be my bread and butter workout this year. This was just an endurance effort with 1 hour on the trainer at 65rpm in high Z1 followed by a run to the track and 4x1 mile on the 7 min. It was pretty cold but managed (HR in parenthesis) a pretty good 6:34(146), 6:37(159), 6:44(161), 6:27(165).
I will eventually start working in efforts on the bike and then get up to 6-8 repeats on the 7. Coming down out of altitude with these times I should be rearing to go. The plan will also include some 200's in 38-39 seconds to bring the neuromuscular speed around for races. I think I can finally take living at 5800 ft and bring it around for races even though some of my run times are :15 secs per mile slower which can be frustrating and must be why I vent here about it all the time.
I also came up with monthly goals and Jan is find a training partner and swim 2x per week besides the big weight shedding since it will all be in vain otherwise.

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  1. Way ahead of me at this point. My work (real job) keeps interfering. Time to get serious about training with a du coming up (1/23 in Houston) and like you, drop some weight. Keep it up! Again, wish we were neighbors!