Sunday, March 7, 2010

Foiled Again!

Things have been getting in the way this week but I pretty much keep coming back when in the past I would have missed at least 4 workouts. Only 1 was less then ideal. Today was the first day that I could do a 40k/10k brick bc of the weather.

Had a good warm-up and then hit the throttle. Made it through the turnaround at 20K in 29:10 (the 180 was already completed and back up to speed, hate those) and was gonna hit 22-23 mph on the way back BUT I flatted by one of the rock slides that always has a lot of rocks and I just couldn't miss them all today and hit a small but sharp one. I cooled way down and only had a 28-32 tube so I took my time trying to get it in perfect so I couldn't get back up and running fast. I pretty much 56x12ed it home and took a break. I am 99.999% sure I would have hit home between 1:01 and 1:03 and I was aiming for a 1:04:59/39:59 split. Gonna try that one again next Sat hopefully.

After a week like this I was toast mentally and took an hour break before heading out in the Vibrams to push the stroller. Did 9.1 miles in 1:11 and the middle 7 were about a 7:35 pace so pretty happy there. I had blood squishing out the vibrams bc I have some hot spots and started too fast in them inside on a high friction track and just have not let them heal so I had to throw them in the wash tonight.

Gonna be getting some good numbers for March and gonna stick with it.


  1. solid man, i've been having some achilles tendinitis on a beautiful weekend which is a bummer, keep at it man

  2. Do you wear socks with the Vibrams or is there a liner? That's gotta be a bit cold to run in those right now!?!?

  3. I do have some toe socks but the shoes are too tight for my stubby feet to use them even with a larger pair. They are cold as hell right now if you get wet but we had some upper 40's and 50's/ I can run in the cold but not bike anyway. I really think they are already helping. Staying away from them until next wed at least.