Friday, June 25, 2010

Humbling Track Race so far

Ran the 400 in 66 seconds, a full second off my PR. Burned like hell from my arms to my legs and lungs. Winner was 53 and 3rd was 60. I was fourth way back.

Had a 90 degree 5k at 6pm and windy. My time was 20:13. The winner who has recently ran a 1:07 half marathon (converts to a 14:30 5k) only ran a 16:43 so I am actually fairly happy. I should have been around 19 flat though but just not prepared enough. Still fun and learned a lot. Have the 3000 steeple tomorrow followed by the high jump. I think I am going to need a stronger word then humbling to describe tomorrow I think.

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  1. What, no decathlon!?!? Sounds like a fun way to spend some summer days. Don't you wish there were summer camps for adults. We could do a weeklong T&F camp, a XC camp, an open water swim camp. Maybe that's what retirement will be for....if its not too late!