Monday, June 14, 2010

OLY tri this weekend

Signed up for the Utah Summer games triathlon on Sat. This race is hot and hilly and the bike course is slow. The record is only a 2:08:10 and the race is at least 10 years old. This is thus my goal. 25 minute swim, 1:02:00 bike and 38:00 run. I would want a faster run but it is hilly and usually almost 90 out by then. That gives me 3 minutes for transitions to take the record. My race plan is to take out the first bouy quite hard and then relax until after about mile 6 of the bike after the huge hill. I cranked too hard on it and it is such a slow hill it is oddly hard to get time there bc you can easily go WAY over threshold and have to take way to long to recover.

I also signed up for a 4 event track meet bc it was only 20 bucks more. so the weekend after the Tri I get to do the 400M, and 5000M on the track on the same day and the next day I do the 3000M steeplechase (should be interesting and hoping to get video) and then the high jump bc I did it in grade school. Should be a "relaxing" event bc it is so out of character. I need more events like this.

Also thinking of wearing the HR monitor for the race but still unsure.

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  1. Good luck in the Oly. You will do well! The track meet sounds real cool. I'd like to pop into a Masters track meet some time....but not during tri season. Don't want to pop something.