Saturday, June 26, 2010

Steeplechase and High Jump

3000 meter steeplechase was the first event on the docket today. I got in a 40 minute bike ride with a couple big hills for a warm up and that was perfect. There were 21 solid hurdles to clear and 7 hurdle/waterjumps to clear. The 2000 boys was rough to watch bc the kids that were strong last night in the 3000 race were struggling bad.
I really wanted to hit my pace that I had for the 5k last night. I made it in 12:13 which is only 1 second per mile off my effort last night. All but two of the hurdles felt good and those two I just had to stutter step a bit. All of the water jumps were to the 6 inch water portion of the pit and I was running the last two. I am very pleased with this effort and it is a VERY tough race with all the solid jumps. I got 3rd overall and 1st in my age group as I was the only one in it.
Next was the high jump one hour later. I was trashed after the past couple days and just didnt have any juice. I think doing another OLY tri would have been easier bc of the pace. Anyway I started at 4ft just to get my bearings and some practice jumps. I cleared that and then 4 ft 2 by about a foot. I then passed to 4 ft 10 and then cleared until 5'4 in which I had a fault but still made it. I was getting tired and hungry by that point and narrowly missed 5 ft 6. Well rested and with something other then wet racing flats from the steeple (high jump shows have spikes on the front and heel for grip) I may be able to clear 5'10 which would be my height. I got 3rd in my 19-29 year old age group of which there were 5 people.

The whole weekend was a lot of fun and I would like to do the steeple and esp the high jump again. I will try the 400 again sometime after I have been doing regular speed work.

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