Monday, July 5, 2010

June Totals

Swim 2:52:00 3900
Bike 10:32:00 189.5
Run 12:36:00 100.2
Total 26:00:00
Last months statements;
I want to get in more sleep mostly. ( DONE)
I am also going to fuel better during work. ( DONE)
I want 3 quality track workouts and two 4 hour rides and 1 TT. (1x three hour ride, 1 TT)
Totals I want to hit 12000 in the pool (FAIL)
400 on the bike (FAIL)
and 130 on the run (FAIL)

This month I want to hit 10,000 swim, 300 bike and 140 run. I am cutting back the first two goals and upping the last. The main problem is that bc of work I will only be able to workout during work when I have down time. This could be a super crazy good thing or mean hardley nothing at all so there we go. I do want 3HR+ rides and two runs over 15 miles. We will see. The other main goal is to get to 166 pounds.

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