Sunday, November 8, 2009

RACE!!! Mount Sentinel Hill Climb

2000 feet of gain in 2.3 miles. I really hope that pain is weakness leaving the body. I managed 3rd overall of about 50 and beat my two marks. My time was 27:45 which is awesome. I thought I had a long shot chance for 28. There was another kid and me trading places the last 1/3 really running on each others heels. ON the super steep finish I walked a tad to get behind him so I could get some speed to pass. I blew by and since he didn't respond my brain had time to think and I barely made the finish. Least left at the finish ever in a race. It was cold and the lungs were burning. Everyone went out too fast. I was in 6th for a while until I started to pick people off.

My fitness is really there and as soon as this weight is gone and the sleep gets a little better I will be gunning it back in the Midwest. Can't wait. Gonna try the timed mile this week with this race still in my mind. Jogged down real real easy so not as sore as you would think.

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