Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Review: Teva X-1 Evolution Trail Shoe

I am a HUGE fan of Teva sandals and have even run 14 miles in the desert at once in them. I had high hopes for their trail shoes.
Paid $54.99
Lightest trail shoes on the planet.
Awesome soles and traction design.
The heel is non rubbing, a big issue with me.
Lasted 250 miles before the sides about 1 inch back from the pinky and big toes started busting out. This is my limiting factor in shoe wear and it usually happens later.
They run a 1/2 size small so I am a 10 normally and a 9.5 in these so Internet ordering could be problematic.
I really want to try Tevas again someday and if you dont have the same shoe issue break point as I do then these are pretty sweet if they fit. You could prolly get your 400 miles out of them. I did do a 2:40:00 run in them and they worked well. A little toe bumping but I was cold and it was a 7 mile downhill run to finish.

Next shoe: Saucony Grid Excursion TR 3 that I got from returning the tevas and paying 15 bucks bc I only got 50 back on the Tevas. $64.99. I race in the A2's so I hope these are good.

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