Saturday, May 30, 2009

40K TT and Run

Warning: there is talk about bodily functions as it is important to the post.

The morning started off poorly as my % hydration was as low as its ever been (minus when I was sick) and my weight was up. I ended up using the bathroom four times for #2. I felt a little off before I started but it was only getting hotter as I didn't get out til noon and it was 77 degrees and got up to 83 during the workout.

Out 20K and back 20k into the wind. (2 bottles, 25cc tires @ 100psi, 32 spoke rear) Coming back into the wind sucked. Made it to 10k in 14:30 then 28:30, then 45:00 and ended with a 1:00:41 bc of the one away from granny gear hill. Thought about Nate from Tri-talk doing his 40K and how I just had to do it. Much rather would have went out with the wind. Kansas should be like that. Had a 15 minute warmup as well with a 2 minute effort.

Under two minute transition into running. Felt awesome the first mile with a 6:21(holding back) and then a sweet 6:25. Then the gas started again at 2.5 miles in. Still had a 4:40 and went thru 5K in 20 flat so not too bad there but then it fell apart. Next were 6:46, 7:19 (walked once) and a 8: 43 (had to walk three times). I could get back up to normal speed but it only made it worse. I only had water every two miles and that was a mistake as well.

I will be ready for Kansas now if I can get my diet and gas under control.

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