Saturday, May 9, 2009

YTri Race

Well, two days ago I wasn't doing the race bc I was having trouble breathing (chest cold for two weeks). Yesterday I was hacking phlegm all day and was going to try and swim bc I have only had one workout in the past two weeks bc of this chest cold. Distances Swim 500 yards, 5 MILE bike, 5K run.

Swim was 7:53 (1:35 per 100y) and I only hacked up once at 200 meters (swallowed it) and thought, ugh this is going to be the longest shortest race ever. Biked in around 12:15 (24mph) for second best bike and felt like crap the whole way and there is a HUGE hill up the side of a mountain. The run was in around 19:00 (6:06) (fuzzy transitions slightly) and I wanted to push so much harder btu my chest wasn't having it. Barely made it to the one aid station without having to stop. Would have if it meant water would have appeared. Second best run of the day as well but that guy placed out of the top 10.

Second overall and missed plane tickets to anywhere Alligent Air flies by 90 seconds. Gaurenteed win if I wasnt sick bc I lost half on the bike and I am a faster cyclist then the guy.

This was perfect for Kansas bc of how crappy I felt trying to go hard with good results and little super speed training, base is all there. Legs never even felt like they were being used bc my chest was failing before the lack of O2 could get to my legs. Great pacing this way btw.

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