Saturday, May 16, 2009

Brick and 5 Pound Wt Loss

Precursor: Easy day yesterday bc about 4 hours sleep. Didnt go until 2pm to try out the heat. Rode 60 miles in 2:52:00 with a 20 mile TT at about mile 32 that was brutal and barely got over 22mph. Just wasn't feeling it today and the first 32 miles were rode at about 21.5 but with a crosswind. The 10 miles of headwind on the way back sapped me. Had a ride back into town at a good clip and decided to run.

Planned to try 4 miles at 6:30 pace but went out in 6:16 for the first mile so I was gonna then try 3 miles at around this bc I was hot and it was sunny for the first time in a long time. Mile one felt great. Mile two was a 6:21 and then I broke apart with a 6:55 and had a 1/2 mile home.

Still hacking up stuff from the chest cold and lost 5 pounds from my first thing morning weigh in. Put it back on in 45 minutes though with a banana and a cup and a half of raspberries in there at least.

This again bodes well for KS. Gonna try the long run tomorrow at about an 8 minute pace and then swim monday before track on Tues.

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  1. I'd love to lose 5-lbs! I'll see what I can do this week. Keep it up for Kansas!