Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good Bike

Did a 63 mile ride with a 56 mile effort (not directly on purpose, just edge of town to turnaround) and hit that at 22.1 mph in 2:32:00. I have quite of bit of free speed from my current set-up and my track legs were still in me as well, there was also a lot of course slowness the route I took. Only 40 minutes in Zone 3 as well.

The Kansas bike leg is finally coming around. I even felt good and still do. Was gonna run a bit after but had a good cooldown and I think the recovery is important.

Two more Tri bike workouts before I ship and then some standing hill climbs on the cross bike the few days after that. The run is in place for the taper. If I hit that the run should be good. The swim is now the one thing left to piece together and I hit it everyday starting on Friday.

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