Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Track was Rough

800,600,400,200 times 3.
2:38, 2:00, 1:18, :34
2:40, 2:02, 1:21, :36
2:41, 2:11, Gas problems

10.2 miles total in around 1:10:00.

Had gas and digestive troubles again. My fault for eating like crap today (too much whole wheat and oats) and not taking my gas ex. Felt really bad before the run and it just didn't get better. Super happy with the results and on the way home had about 30 seconds to make it into the woods. Good luck on the whole 3 miles home there was a perpendicular row of trees only about 30 feet of the whole way. Had a mile run home after that that also went surprisingly well. At least I was't crazy for feeling like complete hell.

Been making all these comments on Tri-Talk about going hard and food and I can't heed my own advice. I know I can get it and next week is my last chance and I will knock it out of the park. All these times and faster for whatever workout. There, I said it.

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