Thursday, March 26, 2009

3 Hours on the Trainer

I dropped my aero bars 2cm before this workout as I have been working towards this a while and I this workout would definately tell me if I can get this aero. Did 10 warmup, 4x30min w/5 min rest (56x14,13,12,11), 10 rest, 5 minutes at 10 mile TT power and then 20 minutes cool down. The 56x11 for 30 minutes after two hours on the trainer was really hard and I had to really focus on form to stay bet 50-55 rpm. I kept all the intervals in Zone 1 excpet this one I got to Zone 2.3 in. The 5 minute interval I avg 143 bpm with a high of only 152 but it was tougher then that would show. I also did 80rpm for this interval so that was good. This was my longest on the trainer ever so that is good too. Needed a good easy 20 minutes spinning to feel better from this one. Should also be feeling this on my 15-16 miles running tomorrow.

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