Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Tonight was 2000 (3 min rest), 1600 (2:00 rest) , 1200 ,(1:30 rest) 800, (1 min rest) 400. I went 7:14 (5:47), 5:39 (5:39), 4:17 (5:43) , 2:48 (5:34), 1:18 (5:12). I had bad trotters (gas on the 1200 and 800 and a little on the 400) it was worst on the 1200 though.

Starting to feel like it is coming together bc even if I am not feeling it I can still get it done. The slower 1200 and coming back even though I was hurting and really tried to front load the begining means it is coming along. I am still a ways from going under 2:30 for the 800 repeats but I can see it maybe next year or 2 years from now.

The weather was snowing and nasty all day and then the big clouds rolled in so the guys in my group didn't show and the other guy did the easier workout option so I was all alone. Made it a little harder but still a good workout.

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