Thursday, March 19, 2009

Brick Time

Went out for an 18 mile ride with a headwind the way back. Had to fully stop twice but I paused the computer til I got back up to 16mph bc I wanted to do a better course then a safe out and back without the stops. Averaged 23.3 for 46 minutes staying in Zone 3 for 42 of those and only 17 seconds in Zone 4 so that was pretty sweet. The weather was even not to my liking so that was even better. The run is really where I stomped it. My GPS gave me a reading of 26774 miles so I had to go back and check it a couple different ways on Mapmyrun and came out with 6:17-6:21 for 4 miles so I called it a 6:19 bc my I didnt come down the last hill so that I could get a cool down. This workout tells me I am in a pretty good postion on the bike to run after and I need to get more biking in and let the running take a back seat once the weather gets a little better. As far as the TT I think I could go with lower bars and maybe move the seat back 1/2 a centimeter. Anyway Looking pretty good as I only spent 1:30 in Zone 4 on the run as well. Still going to sleep well tonight.

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