Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Yesterday I did 30 minutes in a 56x12 on the trainer and alomst payed for it tonight. Tonight was 400 Hard, (6x800 at 10K or as fast as you can hold form), 400 hard. I was not feeling the strides at the beginning so knew it would be tough. Went out in 1:10 for the 400 bc it was supposed to simulate being fatigued. Then 2:47,2:45,2:44,2:44,2:45,2:43,1:24. Went out too hard on the last one. Had the usual 3 miles there and back as well. Felt good with the 16 miles and the bike workout still in my legs though. I was hitting 2:55-3:00 on these last year so I need to keep the longer stuff going and focus on the bike and the swim soon.

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