Friday, March 20, 2009

Ironman 70.3 Kansas

All signed up. This means I can really plan. Going to let the 2 hour run do its thing along with the track workout and then a brick when the weather is good. May throw a run in or a bike in depending on the weather and then the 4 hour ride as well. Just gonna keep hitting these with some rest in there and hope for the best. At this point my run is developed pretty well and my bike is always not too far from getting back in shape so I will do some testing in the pool to see where I am at there. Just going to go at pace for a 500 at an effort level that I want to race at and test that about 4 times or more to see if I am improving. The bricks I may move the run down to 2 miles at pace just for the feel and so I can really focus on the bike portion and not trash myself too much.

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