Sunday, March 22, 2009

Long Run

Headed out for a 2 hour run today and made it 1:58 for 15.6 miles with 1500 ft elevation gain. A lot of it was on trail. The garmin says 2100 but I dont trust the flat parts so I had up and subtract the highs and lows and see where that leaves me and it is around 1500 so I did at least that much. Felt pretty good and my calves are definately tired. Threw in four 7 minute miles at the end just focusing on stride like I was on the track. Kept the HR in zone one for 40 minutes and Zone 2 for the rest so I was pretty pleased about that. Can't wait for the trails to clear up. Should be ready for a tues-fri blitzkreig of workouts since I have to work full days this weekend.

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