Friday, March 20, 2009

Swimming Woes

Tried to swim today and was going pretty well and then the 3 people in a lane thing started and I just couldn't handle it. To me it is like hiking on a crowded trail where there are super slow old people that you have to pass and runners that you have to let by and there are dogs and everything and it is just not a hike anymore. It would be like trying to run in a mall to me. Going to try and go again from 12-1 to see if it gets better. Can't wait to move to the midwest when I can get in open water again. I can't make it 20 minutes in a pool but I can do sets liek that in open water. Maybe why I have better times racing Iron distance then swimming 500 in a stupid pool. The only time I have ever had luck was in a not crowded 50 meter pool. Even the 5:30 am to 8 pool swim is super crowded too. Oh well. Good to know about myself at least.


  1. Pool swimming sucks and gets really boring. I much prefer lake swimming as well. Where area of the midwest are you moving to?

  2. I hope to move within 8 hours of st louis as most of the family is near there but have some family 1 hour south of duluth mn so not too far from there either