Sunday, February 14, 2010

20.8 Mile run

Went with the Boston group. Managed a 7:24 pace for the run and I fell off the group on the 4 mile race pace hill (they made it 21 miles total) as I fell off the last .5 pretty bad seeing as we still had to run back home in an out and back format. The hill was 400 ft in two miles. I rocked the downhill part at least. Tried to focus on form and talking for quite a bit of the run outside of the hard 3.8 miles I did. Used 2 scoops of Sustained Energy in a 16 ounce water bottle. Bad eating regimen yesterday though.

Felt pretty good except for that part and some chafing now so that is a pretty good sign. Yesterday I did 15:30 in cross tires for a 3.15 mile climb of 840 feet which my two old times were 18:05 and 18:03. Pretty big week inside as well so now to take it easy til Tues.

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