Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Workout I don't want my enemies doing.

Back to the bread and butter workout. 6x(5min Z4 bike, 20 sec transition, 800 run). 5 min active rest between intervals. Indoor track at 5.25 laps for an 800 so lots of turns. The first interval was Z3 for the bike and the last run was at a pace I thought I could hold for at least 2 miles bc there were about 20 extra people crammed on the track.

Results: 2:52, 2:54, 2:53, 2:54, 2:52, 3:04

This workout is really rough. Ramping up to Z4 quick on the bike is prolly the worst part. I tried to make it in 1 min but ussually was at 3.8 or 3.9 for 15-30 seconds longer. The power was prolly right though.
I wanted to quit during the second bike and had planned on quitting after 5 but pulled one more out. Total time was 1:37 with a mile warmup and a short bike warmup. 48 minutes of really high intensity. The plan is to start backing up these workouts with some real race results. I think I finally have the season planned and the motivated work began tonight. Having the kid in day care during these workouts really helps get me in the zone bc I can't say oh I will just do this tomorrow. I also had to switch Lemond spin bikes bc I couldn't crank the brake down far enough and it kept clicking. As my title implies there is not much more I want out of this workout and Tony you can't do it. I am still trying to load stuff from Garmin training center. Mark if you read this can you let me know.


  1. No worries from me, Adam. Not going to be seeing me turning these kinds of numbers!

  2. Dude you're doing lots of speed work really early, what distances are you going to be racing this year?

  3. 1 Sprint, then 1 Oly, then a Half. I am basically at the point that I don't ever get injured so I might as well up all the intensity that I can and bc I can't get the base stuff with a kid around in winter. The half is at the end of august. All the stroller pushing has helped with endurance and strength but killed all my speed. We shall see.

  4. Yeah, that sounds like it'd work, but idk about the 'never getting injured' stuff. Risky place to be