Sunday, February 28, 2010

Feb Totals

Time Distance
Swim 1:21:00 4500
Bike 20:30:00 353
Run 12:21:00 101.1 (7:14 per mile)
Total Time: 34:12:00

Days off: 4
Workouts: 40
Key Workouts:
24:27 (24.5) Outdoor 10 mile TT (1 sec faster then last year and 4 beats lower Avg HR, 157)
Ran about 14 miles in the vibrams.
2x1000 yard swims

With 3 less days and 1 more day off I was fairly pleased with the results. Gonna pull back the bike and really up the swimming and the running to at least 40 a week. Swimming is gonna go through the roof next month.

1 comment:

  1. Bike totals are awesome. Not so much the mileage but that some of those miles were indoor (???). I just have a mental block on hopping on the wind-trainer. Just so friggin' boring.