Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another Post but a New 10 mile TT PR

Was feeling sorry for myself about skipping the 1/2 marathon (good idea in retro as I crashed about race time due to lack of sleep and still have some gas while running from the sodium phospate). It was a little cold but I managed a 24:27 which is 1 second faster then last year and at 157 avg HR which is 4 beats lower then last year. I felt terrible though. It did a 5 mile run with in the stroller in my vibrams in a little under 40 minutes about 15 minutes after getting off the bike and that felt good. My calf soreness must have been from the damn phosphate as well.
This is great news bc I have not been spending near as much time on the TT bike and I was having trouble with my neck and back on the way out to the course. I did have a false start of about 1.5 miles bc I hit my lap button and did not hit the start button so I had to go back. I had a better start the second time though. My stomach was pretty turned and there was no way of running afterwards but that was expected before I started bc I felt like crap all day (well the past 4) I think I am entirely past the sodium phospate stuff so I will stop talking about that but I think it is all coming together. Just need to get some better efforts running in and get the mileage up and start swimming which begins tomorrow.

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