Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vibram 5 Fingers

Got some Vibram five finger the other day the KSO for 75 bucks and then went and did 3x1 mile on the track inside. I did them in 6:10-6:20 trying not to go too hard. My calves are pretty sore. Skipped the 1/2 marathon today bc it was supposed (still could be) awesome weather in town today and the Sodium Phosphate is still leaving my system so no use going up there to end up walking. At least biking keeps the GI fairly competent. More to come on the 5 fingers. I have been trying to get back my efficiency in running that I think I used to have.

Other news is I am still trying to figure out a race calendar this year. Gonna skip the first one bc that is our moving week and I will have some free time to take the wee one out for runs and bikes all the time.

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  1. Adam, welcome to the world of freer feet :) The beginning calf soreness can take a long time to work through (as in, many workouts). Also note that if you really want to dial in your form, it may require some actual barefoot runs -- as awesome as five fingers are at approximating barefootedness, they are still blocking a lot of ground sensations. Also, the KSO Five Fingers does have a tiny amount of cushioning (not much).

    Good luck -- Justin @ (unofficial vibram five fingers fan site