Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Training Block

Only 40 more days until Utah when my training will turn upside down. That means Masters tues and thurs and the rec brick repeats tues, thurs, fri with a long ride Sat and long run Sun and then a run and bike on Wed with a recovery bike monday. Gotta really try and make it through this without missing any more workouts. Might not get to keep our dog moving so there has been a lot of stress and garages are about 200 bucks a month more it seems which is depressing for someone like me with bikes and the giant stroller that is always caked in mud :) Seems like every blog I read, even the pros hit, hit a lull here so hopefully mine was just one day. Keep on it everyone!


  1. Yes, just made a new post, it was official just a few days ago.