Friday, February 19, 2010

Utah Race Calendar

Well, Brian posted the question of whether I am moving and I guess I forgot to post about that on here. I am moving to Cedar City UT on March 30. I will be relocating protected prairie dogs like I did three years ago while Julie finishes her PhD. Here is the race schedule for the rest of the year. The position ends in Sept so we don't know where we will be living after that. The riding is a little windy at times but there is TONS more opportunity with the bike trailer. Just did a 800 ft, 3.2 mile climb the other day and the training is gonna be pretty good with it down there. I also get to hit up a Tri the week we get down there. Bought the wife a bike yesterday as well. A Raleigh Grand Sport in a 47 cm bc the top tube is short enough and it is a Compact with external BB cups. It also has 165 mm cranks. The next bike I found with just these specs was about 3000 bucks. I will put a full write up once we get it.

Snowjoke 1/2 Marathon Feb 27 Seeley MT

Wheat MT 5K Mar 20 Missoula MT

SHAC Sprint Tri Apr 3 St George UT

SGTri Olympic Tri May 15 St George UT

Summer Games Cycling June 18-20 Cedar City UT

Enoch 10K July 4 Enoch UT

Provo 1/2 Iron Aug 28 Provo UT


  1. Yeah, lots of good racing in Utah. Doesn't Tri-Talk's David Warden live in Utah?? I believe it was Lehi, UT...wherever that is. Maybe you'll run into him. I don't frequent Tri-Talk any more (not enough time in the day!) but would be cool if you bump into him.

  2. That's a long season man, you're going to be having an awesome time out in Utah. Did you get a bio degree or????

  3. Have a Bio degree since 2005. Worked down there hiking slot canyons looking for peregrine falcons, hiking by Zion for birds, mist netting bats and birds and prairie dogs so I am going back bc it is an AWESOME place. In July and Aug I can run during work bc you can only be near the trap sites 5 minutes out of the hour. The Half will be timed perfectly.